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AntiSemitism in the US


The Principle of the Strongman

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Principle of the Strong Man

Matthew 12:29

“.. How can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.” (NKJ)

If you have problems breaking through spiritually, maybe in your family or business and you don’t understand the problem.  There is a probability that there is a strongman over the situation.  In order to get a breakthrough, you will need to identify and bind the strongman over that situation.   You may be a business person and you desire to do the will of God in your business endeavors, yet despite all, the business never really prospers.  The business will get a place close to success, then something happens and the work is frustrated and you have to start again.  Why not ask God to reveal the strongman?  Once you know, who he is,  only then can you bind the strongman and set the captives free! Whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven.  Whatever we lose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven.  Using the spiritual weapons given to us, we bind the enemy though the word of God.  (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)  The need for revelation and proclamation is needed to strike our enemy, and drag him out of our home, finances, and business. We need to come together in agreement, by harmony, bind the enemy and lose the power of God.  We do this though proclamation.  We end our proclamation of God’s word with thanksgiving and praise.

Anti-Semitism in the United States – Is it Going UP? NO! According to a survey conducted by ADL

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According to the Anti-Defamation League survey, only 12% [1]of American people hold anti-Semitic views.  This is down from 29%, 45 years ago.  Is this survey credible?  The survey can have a margin of plus or minus 2.8% statistical error.  However, the study does indicate that anti-Semitic views are at an all time low.  We should be jumping for joy, right?  Not so fast!   There is another side of the story.    On October 29, 2009, a Sephardic synagogue in North Hollywood, California experienced a non-fatal shooting of 2 men who arrived at the synagogue for their morning prayers.  Although violence in America targeting Jewish people has diminished, 12% of those who hold anti-Semitic views can be as many as 30 million individuals. It appears that anti-Semitism is not likely to go away anytime soon.   As result of the shooting, schools and other communal institutions were on high alert for the possibility of continued violence toward Jewish people. The crimes unit in Los Angeles is still investigating the shooting, at this time is not totally clear whether the motive was anti-Semitism or a random act of violence, such as robbery.  According to the Anti-Defamation League; there is growing statistics that point  clearly to the fact that Jewish people are targeted most frequently than any other religious groups.  For example, in Los Angeles, California nearly 74% [2]of religious hate crimes are perpetuated against Jews.  Overall, there has been a significant decrease in anti-Semitism in the United States.  In addition, statistics does show that hate crimes that are motivated by religion, disproportionately target Jews more frequently than any other religious group.

I am not being cynical or distrustful regarding the survey.  Rather, I am cautiously optimistic that racism against Jews is becoming less frequent.  However, any violence towards a specific racial or religious group cannot be tolerated at any level.  Some individuals in the Jewish community are still cautious citing, discrimination has simply become less “blatant”.

[1] Jewish World – Ynet

[2] Anti-Defamation League – Response to California Synagogue Shooting

When the Spiritual dictates the Physical

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For many years, I could not grasp the fact that my problems had spiritual origination. All of my problems were spiritual! I am intellectual and most of my thinking was very outward; and based on my logic. I simply could not connect the spiritual dots. I could not make the connection between my problems being primarily a spiritual matter and that the solutions were also spiritual. In many ways, my solutions did not work! There was no long lasting relief or resolution. I couldn’t understand it! They were logical solutions; they made sense, yet they didn’t work for me! I have learned through painful experience that you cannot fix spiritual problems by natural means. Despite the fact that my problems look natural; they were only a manifestation of spiritual problems. My problems took on very real and physical characteristics; sickness is one of them. However, when I tried to use natural means to fix them, the result was failure and utter frustration. Could it be the same for you? When I look at my problems at “face-value”, and fail to dig deeper; I fail to lay the axe at the root. Consequently, the problem is not solved and will resurface in another form.
When I am confronted with a serious problem, or any problem for that matter, the question I ask God is: “who is the strong man in this situation?” (According to Matthew 12:28, which reads, “How can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions without first tying up the strong man? It is only then can his house can be plundered“) (emphasis is mine) When I am aware of the strongman, given to me through spiritual discernment, it is at that point I am able to deal effectively with the problem. I am not scattering my prayers. My prayers are more strategic and focused. I can bind the strong man by the power of the spirit and most of all: “get what I pray for!” I hope this is the same for you.

Briding the Gap between Christians and Jews

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For quite some time I have felt a strong pain forthe reconciliation and healing among the body of believers (jew and gentile). I have tried and tried to shake the burden as a fad or something sensational. Yet, during my prayers, it seems that my prayers all lead back to reconciliation.

I think God is trying to tell me something. I shared this with my jewish friends. I have a few Israeli friends as well. They concurred with me. Those feelings are not something that you can simply feel out of the blue for no reason. They encouraged me to study God’s word and the jewish roots of my faith. During this time of deep prayer and discussion with my husband, I am going to follow the path that God has laid before me.

If God is leading me to be a bridge that connects two outwardly different groups and bridge those differences and bring unity in the body of the Messiah, all that I can say is Yes. I am happy that my faith is growing and the walls of my own demoninational upbringing can be re-evaluated in light of scripture. I am still learning. My love for the Lord has grown and so has my friends. they share this love and have been encouraging to me.

Being used by God…Without knowing it

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As a part of the body of the Messiah, I am in relentless pursuit of doing the will of God. I want to know and do what the Lord desires. For me, the desire to do his will is ever present with me. The problem lies in the carrying out his plan in my daily life. Am I on the right course? Did my inner promptings lead me to doing exactly what God wants in this situation? These are just a few questions that I ask daily. Sometimes it is frustrating.

I spoke recently to a dear friend. She is a prophet and has been in ministry for many years. I often lean on her support during these strange times. However, there are times she looks to me for counsel. I wonder why and so I decided to ask. She said the most encouraging things to me. She said, “When I need confirmation of what God wants me to do or direction that I need to take, I call you.” At first, I did not understand. She and I generally have light conversation with fun! We’re friends! Yet, my words, chosen completely by the Lord, answers questions that I couldn’t have imagined that she has asked! I am startled by the fact that God uses me when I don’t even realize it.

Could this be the same with my calling? I could be doing what the Lord desires, and not really realize it! To me this is shocking! but it is true. On numerous occasions she has cried and said, “God has answered my prayers through you!” I thank God that he is so intuned to me and my need to please him with my life, that he uses me in the everyday interactions with my dear friends. So it is with you… If this note is helpful, please share it with a friend.

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