Being used by God…Without knowing it

As a part of the body of the Messiah, I am in relentless pursuit of doing the will of God. I want to know and do what the Lord desires. For me, the desire to do his will is ever present with me. The problem lies in the carrying out his plan in my daily life. Am I on the right course? Did my inner promptings lead me to doing exactly what God wants in this situation? These are just a few questions that I ask daily. Sometimes it is frustrating.

I spoke recently to a dear friend. She is a prophet and has been in ministry for many years. I often lean on her support during these strange times. However, there are times she looks to me for counsel. I wonder why and so I decided to ask. She said the most encouraging things to me. She said, “When I need confirmation of what God wants me to do or direction that I need to take, I call you.” At first, I did not understand. She and I generally have light conversation with fun! We’re friends! Yet, my words, chosen completely by the Lord, answers questions that I couldn’t have imagined that she has asked! I am startled by the fact that God uses me when I don’t even realize it.

Could this be the same with my calling? I could be doing what the Lord desires, and not really realize it! To me this is shocking! but it is true. On numerous occasions she has cried and said, “God has answered my prayers through you!” I thank God that he is so intuned to me and my need to please him with my life, that he uses me in the everyday interactions with my dear friends. So it is with you… If this note is helpful, please share it with a friend.


~ by debra4messiah on October 11, 2009.

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