When the Spiritual dictates the Physical

For many years, I could not grasp the fact that my problems had spiritual origination. All of my problems were spiritual! I am intellectual and most of my thinking was very outward; and based on my logic. I simply could not connect the spiritual dots. I could not make the connection between my problems being primarily a spiritual matter and that the solutions were also spiritual. In many ways, my solutions did not work! There was no long lasting relief or resolution. I couldn’t understand it! They were logical solutions; they made sense, yet they didn’t work for me! I have learned through painful experience that you cannot fix spiritual problems by natural means. Despite the fact that my problems look natural; they were only a manifestation of spiritual problems. My problems took on very real and physical characteristics; sickness is one of them. However, when I tried to use natural means to fix them, the result was failure and utter frustration. Could it be the same for you? When I look at my problems at “face-value”, and fail to dig deeper; I fail to lay the axe at the root. Consequently, the problem is not solved and will resurface in another form.
When I am confronted with a serious problem, or any problem for that matter, the question I ask God is: “who is the strong man in this situation?” (According to Matthew 12:28, which reads, “How can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions without first tying up the strong man? It is only then can his house can be plundered“) (emphasis is mine) When I am aware of the strongman, given to me through spiritual discernment, it is at that point I am able to deal effectively with the problem. I am not scattering my prayers. My prayers are more strategic and focused. I can bind the strong man by the power of the spirit and most of all: “get what I pray for!” I hope this is the same for you.

~ by debra4messiah on October 20, 2009.

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